Army Burn Hall College for Boys

The art of rhetoric is one of the finest attributes of Hallians that instills exceptional confidence and knowledge, equipping them to become eloquent leaders and articulate front-runners. The students are provided ample opportunities of public speaking in the classroom, morning assembly, Inter House Debates Contests and Bilingual Declamation Contest. Holding the tradition of initiating new avenues to groom their personalities, Inter House Burn Hall Model United Nations was introduced for the first time that gave the students exposure to extended level of debates and depth of International Affairs. MUN is internationally recognized as a socio political student event, not only bringing together students at a local and international scale but it also educates them about international politics. It consists of different student committees that work forward to solve world’s leading critical issues e.g. international security, world human rights and future development programs. Participation in Model UN aims to foster negotiation, speaking and communication skills. In addition, crisis committees, which deal with crisis scenarios which can be contemporary or historical, develop leadership skills and the ability to adapt and deal with unexpected situations.

Considering its unavoidable significance and manifold purposes, it was organized in Army Burn Hall College for Boys at Inter House level on 24th and 25th May, 2019. Old Hallians and senior students heartily participated in the contests as it incited their thirst to prove their faculties and knowledge on a new platform of debates. They participated in four committees, the UNSC, General Assembly, UNESCO, UNICEF and National Assembly as chairs, co-chairs and delegates. Each committee prepared the position papers and presented the arguments influentially and persuasively that enriched the students with the skill of logical thinking and academic research, profundity of the national and international issues and passion to plan for the progression of humanity. Furthermore entertainment in the form of concerts and food festivals arranged for the delegates also made the experience unforgettable. In the end, the organizing team and the best and outstanding delegates were awarded certificates by the Principal, Brig Wajid Qayyum Paracha who graced the event as Chief Guest. He commended the participants for their enthusiasm and exceptional performance and announced that All Pakistan Burn Hall Model United Nations will henceforth be conducted on annual basis by the College regularly.