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Army Burn Hall College Academic Programme

Education in our times must try to find whatever there is in the students that might yearn for completion and to reconstruct the learning that would enable them autonomously to seek that completion. The academic programme at Army Burn Hall College has been so designed that it addresses the students' needs and the requirements of our society in line with our national policy and the contemporary progressive world. It is thus, a comprehensive programme that focuses on developing all the skills essential to meet the aforementioned objectives. The Army Burn Hall College training module includes:

A comprehensive day long education. Special features are:

  • Additional tutorials to augment classroom learning.
  • Focus on learning difficulties of individual students.
  • Help the students to complete the home work.
  • Islamic education including Quran lessons.
  • Development of communication skills.
  • Programmes on teaching social values, basic manners and general awareness.
  • Special emphasis on teaching scientific concepts.
  • Limited class strength to ensure individualized attention.
  • An experienced, qualified, competent and dedicated faculty.
  • An excellent learning environment in the hub of the city for boys.
  • Due consideration to the individual student's aptitude and learning difficulties.
  • Boarding facility which helps to capitalize on the controlled environment available for their best grooming.
  • Focus on preparation of the students for joining the Armed Forces of Pakistan and professional colleges.